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Why Data Is The World’s Most Valuable Resource For B2B Telemarketing & Sales

Elizabeth Hamer | 21 November 2018

When it comes to B2B telemarketing, the world’s most valuable resource isn’t oil, coal or diamonds — it’s data. As the initial link between your business and prospective customers, good data is imperative to the success of your marketing efforts. Using enriched information enables highly targeted campaigns at scale and greatly assists in the conversion and retention of important leads. Here’s how to get your data marketing to work for you:

Data Enhancement & Appending


Purchasing a new database on the heels of launching a campaign might sound like a good idea at the time. But the truth is, it’s not. An easier, quicker — not to mention more cost-effective — solution is to enhance and append your current database. By enriching and updating the existing information you greatly improve the reach, relevance and engagement of your data marketing campaign.

Get To Know Your Database

How well do you know your database? Has it been segmented by job, sector, number of employees or turnover? Chances are your business doesn’t have a dedicated resource taking care of your database on a full-time basis, meaning that updates are probably not as regular as they should be. You could have 75% of the information you need for a profitable campaign, but the lacking 25% may be the data difference between success or failure. By regularly analysing your database to identify the chinks in your information armour, you greatly increase the chance of success when it comes time to launch a campaign.

Partner With A Respected Data Provider

If you can’t spare any resources, enlisting the help of a dependable data partner is an easy solve. A data provider worth its salt will assess your current database and be able to enhance areas that are lacking, as well as advise which data is better discarded in favour of newer information.

Test & Evaluate Existing Data Against Added Data

The initial data enhancement phase involves matching existing information against the provider’s. Bear in mind that some providers may charge a service fee for this, so it’s worth checking beforehand lest you be lumped with an unforeseen bill! It’s unrealistic to expect a 100% match rate — a good range is somewhere between 60% and 80%. To facilitate a more effective process, ensure that the provider can give you the specifics you require; for example,  turnover or SIC Code. It's pointless matching 80% of your data only to discover the provider doesn’t possess the SIC codes for your data.

Generating Insight

You’ll be surprised by the amount of insight gained from adding a few new fields to your existing database. With the correct fields, you’ll get a better understanding of your customer and prospect base, your core sectors, and the areas of potential growth. With management increasingly demanding tangible ROI, the more data and insight you’re able to provide, the better the benefits for marketing campaigns in the future.

A thorough understanding of your market and prospects allows you to create and deliver messages that speak directly to their needs. GCL Direct’s data marketing and insight services give you such an advantage. For data cleansing, management and enrichment that will place you at the forefront of marketing, contact one of our specialists for a consultation.

For more information on why data is the world’s most valuable resource for B2B data marketing & sales, download our free guide.

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