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The Benefits A B2B Telemarketing Partner Offers Your Company

GCL | 1 July 2019

We’ve discussed in great detail the differences between B2B and B2C telemarketing, particularly when it comes to cold calling and how B2C telemarketing can give its B2B counterpart a bad reputation. The reality of B2B telemarketing is a different story. 


This article from Hackernoon highlights how inside sales, executive events and telemarketing are still the top three ways to generate B2B leads. This clearly demonstrates how many companies still rely on personal communication methods to generate leads. 


However, if you don’t have the expertise to execute an effective B2B telemarketing strategy, it can be quite difficult to get a campaign up and running. In this blog post, we’ll highlight how the right B2B telemarketing partnership can help you overcome this challenge.

You don’t need to build an effective team from scratch

It goes without saying that developing and executing an effective telemarketing strategy requires an experienced team. You could build your own team from the ground up, which involves all the admin that comes with that process, such as interviews, training and acquiring the right infrastructure, or you could find a team that’s ready to hit the ground running.  

A B2B telemarketing partner is more cost-effective

Building and maintaining an in-house team takes a lot of resources, both in terms of time and finances. The team will need direct management, training, office space, computers and software to perform their tasks, which can be incredibly costly. A B2B telemarketing partner will already have the resources they need to execute on your B2B telemarketing strategy, and can be scaled up and down as needed. 

They are specialists in their field

Joining forces with a B2B telemarketing partner means they bring their experience to the table. The right B2B telemarketers will understand all the nuances of their industry, such as finding and connecting with the right prospects, the importance of a multilingual approach (a must-have for global businesses), as well as being able to execute your B2B telemarketing goals without a script. This expertise could be costly for you to bring in-house and would take time for your team to develop. 

Take advantage of over 29 years of B2B telemarketing experience

These aren’t the only benefits a B2B telemarketing partner can offer. Our team at GCL has put together an ebook The Definitive Guide to Telemarketing In The Digital Age, which unpacks the role of telemarketing in the modern landscape and can help you enhance your lead generation process. 


Do you have other questions about B2B telemarketing? GCL Direct are B2B telemarketers who offer their expertise across the globe. If your organisation is looking to expand into the EMEA, Americas or developing regions, we can assist. Contact us today if you’d like to find out more about our B2B telemarketing services and how we can help your organisation grow.