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How The Right Message Will Get You More B2B Appointments

James Crowder | 30 January 2024

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: B2B appointment setting is an artform, and the marketer that seals the deal — on a consistent basis — is a veritable magician! Thankfully, experience takes away a lot of the guesswork. And with over 30 years under our belt, we can honestly say that securing a meeting with a C-Suite Executive gets easier with time. It’s all about developing your skills and deepening your research.

Your Message Is Your Power

Having faith in your product or service is only part of the pitch. You need to be able to deliver your solution eloquently and informatively. It needs to be packaged and sold in a way that clearly and concisely communicates why you’re the perfect — and only — choice for their business. To achieve this, your pitch should be informed by business and persona research and tailored to the prospect’s specific needs and challenges. The more relevant your message, the more likely the Gatekeepers are to respond, and the easier it’ll be to secure an appointment with a professional in the C-Suite hierarchy.

Bring Balance To The Force (Of Your Delivery)

All of the research in the world will be for nothing if the person delivering the pitch does so with the enthusiasm of a monotone droid battling a bad case of sinusitis. It sounds simple enough, doesn’t it? But you’d be surprised how many times appointment setting has fallen through because the telemarketer was either too aggressive or, well, a dour energy vampire! Discovering and retaining staff with the right skill and experience can be a challenge. The perfect candidate will have the core pitch, tone and tenacity skills, combined with an ear for buying signals, objection handling techniques and closing skill. Striking the right balance between pitch and tone takes practice; but if your telemarketer is personable and enthusiastic without being cloying, you’ll find your calls are better received by those who matter. At the very least you’ll get an ‘I’m fine thanks, and you?’ instead of a dial tone.

Data Informs Both Your Message & Target

Your message means nothing if it falls on the wrong ears. Outdated or incorrect information in your database has you on the backfoot before you’ve picked up the phone. The old adage holds true here: knowledge is power. But if your knowledge is flawed from the beginning, how will you reach the right decision-maker to deliver your tailored solution? We’ve spoken about how important it is for your B2B data to be of high quality, enhanced and clean. Enriched data drives your telesales marketing efforts, giving you a far better chance of converting prospects into customers.

Why is appointment setting so important to B2B marketing? It nurtures clear, trackable and accountable return on investment compared to other forms of marketing activity. With 30 plus years of experience in B2B appointment setting at all levels, GCL will help you build robust foundations and roll out effective telemarketing strategies for long-term sales success.

For more information and advice on getting your message just right, download our free guide. Find out how we can take your telesales to the next level by getting in touch with a GCL specialist today.