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Four signs it’s time to outsource your B2B Appointment Setting

Scott Barr | 7 March 2024


In the B2B world, you’ll have more success closing a deal when you’ve engaged directly with the person making the final decision. That’s why B2B appointment setting is so important. It seems like a pretty simple concept: you set an appointment to consult with another business about services and products. What could go wrong? 

Well, if your sales and marketing team aren’t completely aligned, appointment setting won’t be anything more than a pipe dream. If you’re looking to boost your pipeline but lack the resources for effective appointment setting, consider outsourcing. Here are four signs that you might need it:

Your MQLs are not up to scratch 

Marketing Qualified Leads (MQLs) are as important as ever. In fact, they represent one of the most important metrics available to marketers. Are you passing on quality leads to your sales team? Do they have a clear interest in your product or service? Do they match your customer profile? The marketer’s job is to fill the pipeline with as many qualified leads as possible. With a lead generation service like B2B appointment setting, you can send qualified, sales-ready leads to your sales team which will skyrocket conversions and increase revenue. When you outsource your B2B appointment setting services, you can keep boosting that pipeline, even when your energies are focused elsewhere.

You don’t have a lead nurturing system

All leads are equal until you know which will close and which won’t. Like anything worth having, leads need to be nurtured if you want them to grow especially leads at the top of your sales funnel. According to a Genius study, “66% of customers noted that consistent and relevant communication provided by both sales and marketing organisations is a key influence in their buying decision.” Lead nurturing can lead to an increase in sales opportunities, and according to Act-On, “companies that excel at lead nurturing generate 50% more sales-ready leads at 33% less cost.” Outsourcing can help you with your lead nurturing if you don’t have the resources to run a full-funnel marketing campaign.

You have bad CRM data

Imagine confidently calling the CFO at a mid-sized company, only to find that they’ve changed jobs or the company has moved premises. Even worse, imagine finding out that two other members of your team have already called them because it’s a duplicate lead. This not only makes you look unprofessional, it also wastes valuable time. This is why you need clean, up-to-date data if you want to close deals.

Your marketing and sales teams are too busy

Would your sales and marketing teams spontaneously combust if they had more tasks to handle? Appointment setting takes a significant amount of time.  With a limited amount of hours in a day, it’s almost impossible to close deals, help customers, and meet clients while also handling appointment setting. You don’t want your income-generating teams wasting countless hours on tasks that could easily be outsourced.

As a marketing company with over 30 years of experience in qualified B2B appointment setting, GCL can help you leverage your marketing efforts to generate better quality leads. If you want to know more about appointment setting and B2B telemarketing, download our helpful guide.

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