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Four Pitfalls to Avoid With B2B Telemarketing

James Crowder | 5 September 2022

Telemarketing isn’t always an easy process, it takes a great amount of planning and strategy. But when done right, B2B telemarketing can be great for your business and will lead to successful lead generation.

That being said, there are many potential pitfalls to avoid on your telemarketing journey. Here are some common mistakes to avoid in your telemarketing campaign:

Inadequate research and preparation

‘Failing to plan, is planning to fail’. You may have heard this little nugget of wisdom from a teacher or lecturer, and it applies to your B2B telemarketing team as well. Before every call, make sure you have a thorough understanding of the product, your company, and the prospect. Do you know who the decision-makers are within the company? You’ll be wasting valuable time if you’re talking to the wrong people, so make sure you know the names and functions of key executives and target them.

Not having a strong introduction

You’re not on the phone with a friend you’ve known for years, so it’s vital that you introduce yourself and make a strong impression. Introduce yourself and the company you are representing. If the prospect hasn’t heard of your company, describe what they do and mention how you have helped existing clients. If you get this crucial part wrong, you’re unlikely to make an impression on the prospect. Make sure you also verify the identity of the caller, it’s courteous to know who you’re speaking to and you can tailor your approach to them.

Failure to improvise

Prospects can tell when someone is reading from a script. They don’t want to talk to sales robots, they want to talk to people who can go with the flow of the conversation. Be prepared for all kinds of questions. An inflexible approach won’t get you very far. If you’re not prepared to adapt your strategy, the prospect will feel like it’s just another sales call and possibly hang up.

Presenting the offer too soon

One of the biggest mistakes you can make in telemarketing is pushing the hard sell too early. If you cut to the chase, you won’t have time to make a connection with the prospect and present actual value in your offer. Take some time to educate the prospect on your company or your offer before trying to make a sale or set up an appointment.

There are so many factors that could lead to telemarketing failure, and many companies don’t have the resources to do it well. GCL’s B2B telemarketing service avoids these mistakes by giving you the best possible start to conversations. We have an expert, multilingual team that engage prospects on a personal level by taking a tactful, unscripted approach.

Download our guide ‘Telemarketing in the Digital Age’ for more information:

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