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B2B Telemarketing For The Win: Why The Oldest Form Of Sales Is Still The Best

Elizabeth Hamer | 27 January 2020

Before the internet, computers, smartphones and digital connectivity, there was the telephone. And from a marketer’s mouthpiece to a lead’s receiver was how the telemarketing revolution began. That was a long time ago. Today sees marketers capitalising on the ever-growing list of channels and devices with which to engage, convert and retain leads. But for all of marketing’s advances in technology, telemarketing remains the most viable form of contact between marketer and prospect. Could it be that the human touch still commands influence, even in the age of digital? Let’s find out:

The Telemarketing Revolution Revisited

Let us return to a simpler time… the time of the telephone. It was during the advertising boom of the 1950s that the telephone came into its own as an effective marketing tool. From there its influence grew, becoming a powerful tool in the corporate marketing world by connecting sellers to potential buyers through trade directories. Today, the marketing world is dominated by online content, automation, CRM and SEO. Despite this, telemarketing has carved itself a niche in the age of digital.

In The Era Of Personalisation, The Human Touch Is Everything

As personalisation across channels becomes the norm, marketing execs are seeing the value of an honest and personal connection. Something a bot or AI just can’t deliver at this time. Science can provide you with huge amounts of information and trends, but for true insight and personal connection, nothing beats the human touch of picking up the telephone. Could it be that the digital age is something of a boon for B2B telemarketing?

The Human Connection Needs Data As Its Backbone

In the era of omnichannel, the customer experience is everything. The journey from lead to customer can be accurately tracked across channels and devices, delivering measurable results like never before. Owing to this myriad of new marketing avenues, messaging needs to be targeted and delivered at the right place and at the right time for maximum effect. It cannot be argued: generating interest requires top quality data that is properly segmented and up-to-date.

Data — The All-embracing Cocoon Of The Customer Journey

Enhanced data catalyses a person’s metamorphosis from prospect to lead to customer. But the point of this transition is often unpredictable, up for debate or down to something as incalculable as a person’s mood (though who knows for how long that will be for!) Buyer behaviours are evolving as new tech shapes the industry, but one thing remains concrete: human nature and behaviour. Because true insight comes from a holistic view of processes and the customer journey, digital marketing and human contact need to work in tandem to satisfy consumer needs and deliver results.

Timing Is Everything

In terms of finding the right time to make contact, telemarketing can be far more accurate than email, AI or bots. As value increases, the B2B environment grows in complexity, giving the human touch of a telephone call precedence over an ill-timed online exchange. When structured correctly, a phone call can differentiate you from the competition by introducing the human touch through an effective multi-channelled strategy.

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