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Avoid these mistakes to deliver an effective B2B telemarketing campaign

GCL | 4 June 2020


Many businesses understand that B2B telemarketing can be an effective tool for reaching prospects. However, there are a number of practices they, or their telemarketing partner, should avoid in order to guarantee solid results. Here are 3 mistakes that inexperienced B2B telemarketers make:

Not regularly scrubbing your telemarketing list

Simply assuming your list is correct is a major mistake. Calling a B2B lead who's specifically asked to be removed from your list can be damaging to your brand, or may even result in legal action, regardless of whether it was an accident or not. Regularly updating your telemarketing lists can help you avoid this mistake. 

Not researching the prospect

Researching the organisation you're pitching to is fairly obvious, but how much research has been done on the specific person you're interested in speaking to? It's important that the telemarketer knows as much as possible about their lead's professional life as possible. What is their exact role in the organisation? How long have they been at the company? How do you pronounce their name? Having answers to these questions won’t only improve the effectiveness of your telemarketing, it’ll help you avoid scripted interactions and develop real rapport with the prospect.

Rushing the sale on the first call

B2B products are generally complex and expensive, which is why trying to close a sale on your first call will likely not work. The person you’re reaching out to might not have any previous experience with your brand, with little-to-no reason to trust you. What you want to do is open the door to further opportunities later down the line by cultivating trust with the prospect.


Partner with an experienced B2B telemarketer that doesn’t make rookie errors

Understanding what to do, but also what not to do, is critical to connecting with leads via B2B telemarketing. You can learn how to do this yourself with online resources and through trial and error, or you can choose a B2B telemarketing partner that already understands how to execute a telemarketing strategy effectively. 

GCL is a B2B marketing and lead generation organisation with over 30 years of experience in telemarketing.  We’ve helped numerous clients across the globe with growing their client base by delivering a telemarketing solution that is well researched and avoids the mistakes more inexperienced telemarketers might make. Learn how we’ve delivered results for our clients in our case studies.

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