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9 Powerful Benefits of Outsourcing Your B2B Telemarketing

GCL | 26 March 2024

Reading time: 4 minutes

B2B telemarketing comes with an abundance of benefits, such as boosting lead generation, appointment setting, filling your pipeline short, mid, and long-term, gaining valuable marketing data insights, raising both brand and product/service awareness and so much more.

An important factor to consider when considering B2B telemarketing to achieve your targets is whether you will run the campaign internally, or outsource to a B2B telemarketing agency, or possibly even run a hybrid model combining both in-house and outsourced telemarketing support.

Both strategies have their individual benefits depending on a combination of available resources & specific requirements, so it's best to carefully review & consider both options before making a decision, to ensure you make the most of your investment.

Benefits of Outsourcing B2B Telemarketing

1. Focus on core competency & results

Yes, it is definitely possible to set up and run your own campaign internally, but is that the most efficient route to follow compared to having professionals with decades of experience managing it instead? When your focus is on core competency & results, you have to decide which the best route is to successfully achieve your goals.

Agencies live or die on what they deliver, and so you can be assured that partnering with an agency will get you to where you need to be, as they have gotten there repeatedly over their time in the industry, allowing you to see the results quicker and save on opportunity costs.

Agencies that are serious about keeping their firm thriving will focus their all on your campaign and ensure all best practices are used to run a successful campaign.

2. Abundance
of resources

There are many factors to consider, not least the actual skilled resource such as manpower, but also the availability of sufficient IT infrastructure, including computer hardware such as laptops & headsets as well as CRM licenses, database, and call-centre software. The tech stack that will be used to manage the contact database, lead tracking, prospect conversation history, dial-out & call-back options, etc. is a key consideration for any telemarketing campaign. Are your existing IT systems designed to be effective from a telemarketing perspective?

With outsourcing, you won’t need to worry about gathering and spending on a wide range of resources. Instead, you can rely on the infrastructure and resources the telemarketing agency has gathered and perfected over the duration of its time in the industry.


3. Efficient cost-saving 

There are many factors that can hike up the campaign’s total cost if you decide to go with the in-house route. Some of these can include the cost of recruiting (20% of employee salary fee with recruitment agencies), gathering updated data sets, purchasing CRM licenses and sales intelligence software, as well as purchasing physical hardware such as a laptop, headset, desk, and chair.

When accounting for salaries to be paid, you would also need to consider any financial incentives to be shared, benefits, national insurance which is on average 13.8% of employee salary, pension contribution which is 3% of employee salary as well as downtimes such as paid leave (20-25 days), bank holidays (8 days in a year), sick days or absence. The cost of management, supervision, ongoing training, and monitoring should also be considered.

The right telemarketing agency will already be well-equipped with the right, well-trained manpower, as well as all the most efficient software and infrastructure to support your campaign, allowing you to direct your time and efforts to more effective channels and strategies for your business.


4. Time opportunity cost

Undertaking a telemarketing campaign in-house can be incredibly time-consuming, especially if you have a smaller team running the operations. A big portion of your time would be spent on recruiting and training the right staff, this includes training on company practices, policies, and products, ensuring your telemarketing staff are great conversationalists using an unscripted approach, are emotionally intelligent, resilient, and can really pick on issues that come up in the call with the prospect, therefore being able to suggest the right solutions.

Why spend large portions of your time on things that the agency has already perfected over the years? Time is valuable, and yours can be better spent on internal growth, managing your teams, strategising, meeting with prospects that the campaign brings in, and closing business deals.


5. Best of breed

When you choose to go with an agency that is the best of its breed, has decades of experience, makes daily use of best practices, and has the necessary people, processes and systems in place, you can expect to hit the ground running.

From a project management perspective, you’ll need the right knowledge and skills to track and understand campaign data and performance. You’ll need to closely monitor the telemarketing staff as well as the campaign’s performance, analysing aspects such as response rate, conversion rate, and any other issues that may come up. You’ll need to ensure your KPIs are being met, and how to re-strategise in case they’re not up to par.

With the right telemarketing agency, you can be sure to receive regular in-depth, proactive reporting & analysis, measurable results, full transparency, daily check-ins as well as efficient, experienced problem-solving skills.


6. Support your internal team's growth

By partnering with a professional B2B telemarketing agency, you are not only receiving external benefits to do with achieving your campaign and business targets, but you are also supercharging your internal team’s growth through experience and knowledge gained from the agency, accumulated over their time in the industry.

While you work with the agency to run your campaign, at the same time, your team will also be learning valuable lessons, tips, and problem-solving skills and strategies that can be applied to other areas of your business, or to your next telemarketing campaign that you may decide to carry out internally.


7. Absolute legal compliance

When it comes to handling a multitude of sensitive data, complying with the legalities such as the UK's GDPR law (General Data Protection Regulation), as well as several other regional regulations, is extremely necessary. The right company will be well aware of the regulations to comply with and be able to deal with any legal complications that may come up over the course of your campaign.

Legal knowledge is also to be included when training new hires and it’s critical to ensure they are well-versed with the laws of the regions they will be operating in, to avoid bringing in legal complications to the business.


8. International/multilingual outreach

Some telemarketing agencies, such as GCL, have an upper hand with telemarketing campaigns due to their International experience dealing with outbound calls and lead generation. Agencies as such also have powerhouses of international data, multilingual staff, and knowledge of policies and best practices for conducting business in different regions.

If you are looking to successfully span your campaign across multiple regions using different languages, outsourcing with an experienced telemarketing agency would be your best bet.


9. Flexibility to scale up or down

Your requirements may change throughout the quarter/year, which can either mean you will need more manpower and resources, need to make budget cuts, or may have periods where you decide to focus on other campaigns and put telemarketing on hold. With in-house, you would then need to hire and train more people or let go of team members, as well as the money invested in them.

Working with an agency gives you an extra edge of flexibility, allowing you to make actionable changes to your campaign at your convenience.


What if I Already Have an In-house Team?

If you’ve already gone through the process of hiring and training your in-house team, and are looking to scale your business further, reach more prospects within a specific timeframe, or focus on a new goal, it always helps to have additional expert support and industry insights.

Partnering with a professional telemarketing agency can complement your in-house team in multiple ways, in fact it may even raise the internal standards. This can depend on different situations, however, you can generally expect further support through the telemarketing company acting as an extension of your in-house team, providing more personalized reporting, strategising, campaign management, training, handling outbound/inbound calls, multilingual support, and much more.

If you would like to have a conversation regarding your lead generation requirements, reach out today for a free road-mapping consultation with one of our Account Directors.

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