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5 Of The Most Popular Types Of Marketing Data Analysis Tools

GCL | 5 September 2022

For marketers to survive in the modern digital marketing space, they need the right tools to understand whether their campaigns are succeeding or failing. These tools will allow marketers to measure ROI at different stages of a campaign and provide clients with the metrics they need to justify marketing spend. 

But what are the different types of tools that marketers can take advantage of?

Website analytics

Web analytics tools allow marketers to better understand the performance of a website by collecting, analysing and generating reports on web traffic data. This primarily refers to website visitors and page views, but can also include more in-depth data like how long an individual stayed on a page or which links they clicked on.

Many website platforms have built-in analytics tools, but third-party web analytics tools are also available that provide additional functionality to gain deeper insights into web traffic.

Popular website analytics tools:

App analytics

Need to understand how users are interacting with your software applications? App analytics tools will analyse how users are engaging with your software so you can improve upon it and offer users a better experience.

Generally speaking, third-party app analytics must be used as most applications don't come with their own analytics tools.

Popular app analytics tools:

A/B testing

Whether you're referring to A/B testing, split testing or bucket testing, the focus is the same: comparing different versions of the same item — whether it’s a webpage, app or ad — to determine which gets a better response. 

There are different tools you can use depending on what you’re A/B testing. For example, Google Analytics is a popular tool for site data, but if you need a more detailed breakdown, you'll need to use Google Optimize.

Popular A/B testing tools:

Visual behaviour

Visual behaviour is a part of behavioural analytics that focuses on how users look at and engage with different elements on a screen. 

For example, if you're looking to understand the visual behaviour of a website, you can use a heatmap tool such as Hotjar. This type of software application works by tracking how often users interact with the different parts of a webpage. Parts of the page that are interacted with often will appear in red on the heatmap, while parts of the page that aren’t interacted with as often will appear in cooler colours such as green and blue. If you need a user to engage with something and it's currently not getting much attention, you can move it to a more traffic-intensive part of the webpage and see if engagement goes up. 

Popular visual behaviour tools:

CRM integrations – one tool to rule them all

While CRM integrations aren’t technically a marketing data analysis tool, they do play a vital role in understanding your marketing data. Each of the types of tools we've discussed are specialised. Whether it's understanding the traffic of your website, how users are interacting with your online store, or how many people are clicking on your ads, each of these systems are designed to do what they do really well. However, they only show you a small part of the bigger picture. For a holistic view, you need to view the performance of the different parts of your campaign together, in a single place. 

CRM tools, such as HubSpot and SalesForce, allow you to develop integrations for various applications so you can easily see and understand what all your data means together, not in isolation.

If you’re interested in deepening the impact you make with your marketing data, take a look at our guide How To Boost Your Marketing With Optimised Data. In this guide you’ll learn about many different topics, including why you need quality data, the difference between cleansed and purchased data, and how to use your data to get better results.

Popular CRM platforms that allow integrations:

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