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12 Customer Acquisition Facts

sam | 22 October 2015

Customer Acquisition

The Customer Acquisition Barometer published by the Direct Marketing Association in association with The Media Octopus is packed full of insights about how both business-to-consumer (B2C) and business-to-business (B2B) companies acquire their business. These are 12 of the most interesting facts and statistics from the report:

  1. Just six channels are used by one third or more of B2B marketers, compared to 15 being deployed by the same proportion of B2C
  2. B2B marketers target quality of leads whereas B2C are more concerned about cost per lead
  3. The six channels preferred by B2B marketers by percentage of B2B marketers using them are email 79%, website 73%, face-to-face 65%, organic social media 55%, direct mail 46% and telemarketing 41%
  4. The top two channels in B2C are also email 92% and website 87%
  5. B2C marketers are also twice as likely to use paid social media as B2B marketers; 63% v 34%
  6. 39% of marketers names their own website as the most effective means of acquiring new customers
  7. More B2B marketers (13%) rate organic social media as an effective way to acquire customers than B2C marketers (3%)
  8. The number of marketers rating telemarketing as the most effective means of acquiring new customers rose from 20% to 28%
  9. 47% of marketers rate quality of leads as their priority for the next 12 months
  10. Limited budget is identified by 40% of marketers as their biggest obstacle - more B2B marketers (43%) mentioned this challenge than B2C marketers (35%).
  11. 20% of marketers identified data as a key challenge to their marketing strategy
  12. 57% of marketers say that Customer acquisition is the most important part of their marketing expenditure compared with just 15% who name customer retention as the most important


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