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Employee Spotlight: From Telemarketing Agent to HR and Compliance Manager, Romaana Mahtey Shares Her Journey

Rebecca Turton | 29 July 2021


Name: Romaana Mahtey

Role at GCL: HR & Compliance Manager


How long have you been with GCL and what is your role here?

I’ve been at GCL for almost 14 years now and I mainly manage the recruitment and HR for the company, although I do get involved in a bit of everything! My role is of an HR generalist encompassing 360 recruitment at all levels and everything from performance and HR management to agent wellbeing and engagement.


How has your role grown and evolved since starting?

When I first joined, I started as a telemarketer but since I had a masters in marketing, I began taking on some of those tasks too. I was also helping out with recruitment at the time, and that’s how I moved across into the HR role. The more involved I got in the HR and recruitment role, the more I found that I enjoyed the HR and people side of things and so that area took on a larger proportion of my job. I think working within the different departments has helped give me a greater understanding of GCL as a whole, giving me the variation in my day-to-day role which is part of what’s kept me here so long.


"The people really do make the company. GCL is very much like a family, and everyone’s very warm, welcoming and friendly."


What are you most proud of accomplishing in your role?

In terms of my professional accomplishments, I’d certainly say achieving my CIPD level 5 whilst at GCL. It’s been a huge help in giving me training experience and a deeper understanding of HR which I’ve been able to apply in my day-to-day job.


What is the team culture like? Any traditions?

The people really do make the company. GCL is very much like a family, and everyone’s very warm, welcoming and friendly. With so many employees from all around the globe, we like to celebrate the different cultures we have within the office and we often have days where we have foods from different cultures and celebrate different cultural events. There’s also the weekly quiz which becomes a very competitive team activity! The little things can make the biggest difference though, and so we like to celebrate birthdays and mark big work anniversaries too.


Best tip for onboarding during a pandemic?

Understandably, we’ve been unable to do onboarding in the office and so we’ve had to adapt to doing this completely online. My tip is to be prepared and ensure all new employees are welcomed and made to feel part of the team. Enabling virtual interviews, providing HR paperwork digitally, arranging effective and interactive IT and role-specific training through the use of Microsoft Teams. As well as ensuring new employees are introduced to all key stakeholders and the team ahead of starting. Keeping the communication open at all times. We wanted to make sure our new employees are still involved right from the beginning.


"My tip [for onboarding remotely] is to be prepared and ensure all new employees are welcomed and made to feel part of the team."


What’s something most people don’t know about you?

I’ve always enjoyed dancing and a big achievement for me was performing at Symphony Hall. It was nerve-racking, but an amazing experience; one I’d do again in a heartbeat. We performed a contemporary piece, but I enjoy a variety of styles including eastern and western dance and I’ve been learning salsa for the last few years too! I find it very relaxing.


Where’s your favourite place to visit?

Certainly Edinburgh. I’d recommend everyone to go! There’s a lot of history to see, stunning views and some really nice places to visit and great places to eat. Also, for anyone with a sweet tooth and a love for fudge, as much as me; there’s this one fudge shop that is just incredible! It’s some of the best fudge I’ve had.


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